ESG compliant properties

A variety of measures are possible not only for new construction projects but also in existing buildings. Our manage-to-ESG measures can be broken down into

Ecological measures, the classic Manage-to Green with the aim of reducing the CO2 footprint of the property and putting a responsible use of primary energy in the foreground (recycling in demolition, Cradle to Cradle/Circular Economy, preserving grey energy through extended service life, reduced surface sealing through Brown Field revitalisation).

Measures to increase the well-being of people in the property, our manage-to-social, which can be supplemented by our tenants through appropriate use

Our ESG measures become transparent through efficient data management, certifications and benchmark reports.

Prelios SGR is aware of its responsibility to contribute to sustainable development and consistently manages the environmental and social aspects of its investments and its direct impact.

Prelios SGR believes that sound environmental management is a good business practice for the company itself, in relation to its investors, clients and advisors/suppliers.

Responsibility, sustainability and integrity of the enhancement measures implemented by the Company are fundamental elements in the value creation process. In this context, the Company believes that these aspects should be considered alongside traditional financial measures, in order to provide a more complete overview of the value, risk and return potential of investments. Promoting these principles also helps to reduce risk and increase the value of investments with a view to sustainable performance over time.

The integration of ESG criteria into the strategy can generate sustainable profits over time and, consequently, a solid prospect of value creation for all stakeholders. This also allows for more efficient management of financial, environmental and social risks that can negatively affect the value creation of individual investments.

The Company supports the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the UN and adheres to the principles and guidelines defined for responsible investments by the United Nations-Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI).

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